4th August, 2019

Henry and Daisy's have started a band, the Oxesis. They only know one song so far, an adaptation of the Beatles Yellow Submarine. But the strain is already showing with creative differences on the bands art work. Will they last?

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23rd July, 2019

Henry has discovered skateboarding, but it pains me to watch him as the amount of accidents I had are uncountable. He's getting pretty good at it for only being on the board a couple of days. I've had a wee shot too and tempted to get a board myself.


13th July, 2019
'Monadhliath Mountains'

My mini cycle adventure over the Monadhliath Mountains went well and as expected. The puishing part of the ride was harder than expected as I thought the peat hags would be about 1-2 foot tall, not 6 feet. I tried to capture the event with film - which you can watch here.


5th July, 2019

We all took to the Glentress trails last Wednesday. I thought it was brilliant with great routes and facilities. Carol and Henry also really like it. Daisy on the other hand didn't have as much fun. We could only park in the lower car park, so meant we had to cycle up the hill to get to the trails and this was too much for her. Once on the trails, she was fine.

Once the kids had had enough, I asked Carol if I could do one last run on my own and typically, on this 'final' run, I crashed. It wasn't too bad, but immediately after I had to do a check to make sure no bones had been broken, but I am going to be left with some tasty scars on my knee. You can watch the crash here.


24th June, 2019
'New Bike Day'

To encourage Henry's new found love of cycling, we got him a proper bike (top pic). Initially, I thought it was way to big for him, but he manages just fine on it. And to celebrate the new arrival, we all went for our first ever family ride out yesterday - strava can see here. Daisy wasnt happy though, I think she was feeling a bit left out with the attention Henry was getting.

I've also invested in another new bike, it's a gravel bike and is somewhere between a mountain bike and a road bike (bottom pic) - I'm looking forward to taking it on some forest trails soon. I've ordered some off road tyres for Carols bike too. Next stop, Glentress.


17th June, 2019
'Bike Bus'

Ooh-cha, it's been while and for good reason, home life is pretty busy at the moment. I say home life, it's more football home life. My weekend mornings are being dominated by Spartans training with Henry, I also coach on Monday nights with the P4/5 girls and the Blackhall P2s on Tuesdays. Wednesday night is my club ride night, leaving Thursday and Friday free. Anyways, this week and weekend are the last training days before the kids break up for the summer holidays, so I'm looking forward for a bit of time returning.

So, I plan cycling a bit more during the summer holidays, solo and with the family. Henry has finally clicked with his bike and wants to cycle more, so I would like to take everyone to Glentress to cycle some of the forest tracks down there.

Staying on the cycling subject, the pic across is of the 1st Blackhall Bike Bus. We didn't think that we'd get that many folk, but about 100 bikes took to the streets for a mass ride to school. It was quite a sight, the photo doesn't do it justice. We may have to get a police escort next time round. Thankfully there were only a couple of idiots drivers who were SO important that adding 1 minute to their journey was enough to justify putting peoples lives in danger. Can't wait for the next one.


6th May, 2019
'Mum's Birthday'

Was back up in Inverness to celebrate mum's big birthday this weekend past. Click on the image across to see photos of the party.


28th April, 2019
'Etape Lochness'

Did Etape Lochness today. Last year my chip time was 3hrs 47mins 33secs - today is was 3hr 7mins and 22secs. I don't think I'll ever shave another 40 minutes off a time ever again.


7th April, 2019
'Henry's Birthday'

Yea! Henry turned 7 yesterday. Click on the image across to see some photos of the day. He got some cool stuff and his favorite present was FIFA 15 for the Wii. I think his best present were his new football boots which he wore to training yesterday.


13th March, 2019

My legs feel like lead right now. Mallorca was amazing and exhausting. It's a cycling mecca out there with some of the hardest climbs in the world. The trip ran like clockwork and the weather was perfect too. Here are the routes we did:

Cap Formentor

Sa Colabra / Sa Batalla

Andrax to Pollenca

You can see a few photos of the trip by clicking on the image across.


1st March, 2019
'Cycling Trip'

I'm about to be chucked out of my comfort zone a week today. I'm heading off to Mallorca for 3 solid days of cycling. Each day is more than a sportive worth of cycling, so I've have no idea how I'm going to cope. I've been trying to train the best I can, the photo across was taking from last Sunday's 70 mile ride around East Lothian. The guys I'm traveling with are borderline Olympic athletes, so I'm a bit concern about trying to keep up with them. Apprehension aside, I'm really looking forward to taking some photos and some early summer sun.


19th January, 2019
'The Spartan'

I picked up Henry's Spartans kit today. In 2 weeks his proper training begins.

Hope he gets a good coach.


3rd January, 2019
'Daisy's Birthday'

As with all christmas holidays, they fly by at a terrifying rate. Still, I've got 5 and half days to go, which is nice. In the whirl wind of time that has passed, Daisy has turned 8. Click on the image to see photos of her birthday. Also, we visited granny in Inverness for new year. Click here to see photos of that.


27th December, 2018
'Christmas done and dusted'

We had another successful christmas day. Everyone was happy with presents and the dinner turned out well. What more can you ask? The festivities haven't finished though, it's Daisy's birthday tomorrow!

Click on the image across to see photos of christmas.


2nd December, 2018
'The Tree Is Up Again'

The tree is up and the kids are hyper. Normally, the christmas buzz hits me early but this year it's yet to appear, which is a good thing, as there's nothing worse than feeling christmassy only for it to fade before Christmas. What I am looking forward to is the day after the 21st of December, when the days start to get longer.

Anyways, as with the last 3 years, we time lapsed the decoration of the tree, click the image across if you want to see.


24th November, 2018
'Daisy's goal'

Daisy played in her 1st competitive football match today and scored her 1st goal - we are so proud of her.

The fixture was Blackball Primary School vs James Gillespie Primary School and some of the girls on the opposing team were as tall as Carol. The result didn't go our way, they beat us 2-7, but the girls really enjoyed their 1st game and it was a good experience AND they want to play them again to seek revenge.


4th November, 2018
'Project Winter - Done'

I finally got round to getting a winter bike sorted. I've named the bike 'Sawfinga' becuase my fingers hurt after building it.

With the exception of the frame and guards, the it was built with bits from the shed. As a result, the rear indexing is a little off due uto sing an old chain and cassette. It's a planet x frame which was well reduced and I have to stay I'm pretty implressed with it and is almost as light as the Cervelo, even with the guards on.

I'm going to commute with it this week to make shure it's raod worthy and this weekend I'll be off.


1st November, 2018
'Project Winter'

Project Winter is taking longer than expected due to my own procrastination. I was weighing up my winter cycling options with the main choices being, do I want to do some CX riding or stick to the roads. I've gone with the latter, the reason being that there aren't many CX trails in Edinburgh and a CX bike option was almost 10 x more expensive. So, availability and 'frugal-ness' prevailed.

So, part of the plan for this winter is cycle as much as I can and not to lose the summer momentum. I'm not a fan of turbo training, but it's something I'm going have to live with over the next 4-6 months. I've installed a screen in the shed so I can watch training vids whislt going nowhere fast.

Next stage of Project Winter is get the winter bike built, should be sorted be the end of the weekend.


31st October, 2018

Yea, Halloween done for another year. This year, Carol put loads of stuff outside the house to lure children to our door for sweets. Henry and I stay in to listen to the terrible jokes. At one point we have about 20 people at the door as a result of Carols decoration drawing them.

In seriousness, one thing that did really piss me off, were the children who didn't say 'thank you' after getting their sweets. So next year, if I don't hear a thank you, they're gonna get chased off the property with a slipper in hand!


1st October, 2018
'Open Doors'

Mum took us to a few open doors for the Open Doors event in Edinburgh this past weekend. Click on the image across to see a few photos.

Project winter is changing quicker than I can settle on what I want to do. Trying to narrow the project down at the moment.


9th September, 2018
'Project Winter'

Autumn is here and it's time for a project. Part 1 is under way.


26th August, 2018
'Henry's Getting Older'

Here's a photo of Henry over the last 3 years. It's terrifying how much he's changing. You don't see it day to day, but when you compare photos it's nuts.

Click on the image to enlarge.


23rd August, 2018
'Arrg Another Month Has Past'

Again, I have neglected the shed. I've a good reason, I've been mega busy at work. The Edinburgh festival brings us lots of work, so it's been mental.

We also went away on holiday to Blair Atholl. Click on the image to see a few photos of the holiday.


30th July, 2018
'Hello Again'

I can't believe it's been over a month and a half since my last post on the shed. I'm blaming the heat wave we've had, the unnatural temperatures plays havoc with Scottish blood, it makes us want to drink and laze about as out bodies think they are in the Algarve.

Since my last post, our loft bumbles bees have moved on. I'm going to have a dig through the loft insulation and try and find the remains of their nest, I also made a nice movie about Daisy cycling, click on the image across to see AND I've training with the EH Star cycling club. Most of them maniacally fast, so I'm getting dropped on the hills, but I think I'm getting better. I've got Tour of The Borders coming up in a months time and should best last years time as a result of the training. Carol is also riding the TOTB again, but she's apprehensive as her training plan isn't going to plan.

We also went to the Hearts vs Caley game on Sunday, but the least said about that the better. Click here to see a few photos from the game.

We're off on another Scottish mini break soon, so no doubt will be posting about that soon.


11th June, 2018

Our neighbour spotted, what she thought, wasps going in and out of roof space. I went into the loft to inspect, only to discover it was bumble bees.

Turns out that the bees we have are Tree Bumblebees. Originally from Europe, they've only been in he UK since 2013 and are apparently much tougher that our regular 'fluffy' bumblebees and not prone to the same parasites that are slowly killing off the native bumblebee population.

My plan is to leave them bee, (I thank you!) as nests usually have a life span of 8-12 weeks. What was cool on discovering the nest was the sound of the constant buzzing, either for communication or the keep the nest cool as it's pretty toasty in our loft, there's a strange harmonic to it. So, I'm going head back into the loft and record the sound of the bee's nest.


3rd June, 2018
'Blackhall Community Sports Day'

Today is Uncle Tims birthday. He turns 45 today, stunnard, 5 years till' you're 50!

Yesterday was the Blackhall Community Sports Day. It was probably the muggiest day I've ever experienced in Scotland and it reminded me of my time in China. We got a few good results in the races. Henry came 1st in the sprint and Daisy got 2nd in the skipping race and 3rd in the 3 legged race with Abbie.

Click on the image across to see photos.


29th May, 2018
'Whoa there Time!'

Wow, time is chucking it past right now. I think because we are having a 'proper' summer with real sunshine we are able to do stuff, believe it or not, outside, hence the time flyby.

The kids had their School sports day last week. Click on the image across to see. I also took some fun studio shots of the kids, which can be seen here.


6th April, 2018
'Forth Road Bridge'

Yesterday was a nice day, so we took a walk over the Forth Road Bridge. TBH, I wasn't too comfortable being that high up, I'm fine cycling over it, but walking is different as you can feel the bridge move when the buses drive passed.

Click on the image across to see.


29th April, 2018
'Easter Holiday'

It's a bit late, but here a few photos from our Easter holiday in Strathyre.

Click on the image across to see.


6th April, 2018
'Henry turns 6'

It's Henry's 6th birthday today. He was most impressed with his camo PS4 controller and his Inverness Caley football shorts. He plans on spending his day playing games.


12th March, 2018
'Tiny Planet'

This is my 1st attempt at a 'tiny planet' photo and I'm pleased with the imaged. I'd like to do more of these.


1st March, 2018

There's been a bit of snow of late.

The government said there was a risk to life if you travel to work this morning.

Click on the image across to see some photos.


2nd February, 2018
'Blackhall Sports Fun Day'

Today we went along to the Blackhall Sports Association fund raiser.

Click on the image across to see photos and listen to audio from the day.

So far so good with my 52 week project. You can see how I'm getting on here.


7th January, 2018
'Eh, Holiday?'

Wow, those last couple of week flew by, must have been the quickest holiday I've ever had. We were pretty busy with Xmas, Daisy's birthday, trip to Inverness and we had a proper, and I mean a proper spring clean in the house.

Click on the image across to see photos from Daisy's birthday. There are also photos from our trip to Inverness here.

The only new years resolution for me this year is to try an take a portrait photo of someone every week for a year. I've almost already failed. See how I get on here.


26th December, 2017
'Xmas Day Done'

Another super Christmas done. Next stop, Daisy's birthday on Thursday.

Click on the image across to see photos from Xmas day. Also click here to see a few photos from boxing day, we got our first snow of the year today. It was proper Scottish snow, slush.


14th December, 2017
'Xmas Story'

Got a spare 10 minutes? then listen to this years Christmas story starring the Walker-Lyons.


6th December, 2017
'Xmas Tree'

Yea, it's Christmas and again we time-lapsed the tree build and decorations. Click the image across to see.


28th November, 2017

Henry needed a new photo taken so that someone who doesn't know him can track his movements. It turned into a bit of fun photo session. Click on the image across to see.


31st October, 2017

The pumpkin is carved are we are stocked up on sweets, which means it's Halloween. A night that supposed to be scary, but the only thing that will frighten me are the rubbish jokes and the pain of my fake smile - 'ha ha ha, 1st time I've heard that' I say as I lie to the wide eyed children waiting for there small packets of future heart disease. I try not to be miserable, but Halloween involves meeting other people within an institution that I'm not interested in, so what do I say? 'Thats a nice costume' or 'Ooo, you look frightening' - these statements are obvious, why do I need to say them? Perhaps alcohol might make things interesting, but I imagine a drunk dad staggering from house to house with a bunch of kids looking for sweets would make the morning news.

Anyhoo, (gritted teeth) happy Halloween...


26th October, 2017

I've helped the kids set up a YouTube gaming channel, which means they play video games and stream it online. Sounds boring I know, but their heroes are on YouTube doing the same and they are fascinated by it. Click on the image across to visit the "Here Munn' YouTube channel.


15th October, 2017
'New Table'

Our new table arrived this week. It's solid oak, which means it was very expensive and we can't put anything on it. It's a waiting game for the first dent, scratch or cup stain to appear. Apart from being non-functional, it looks amazing and I have to say, Carols idea of the bench in a good one as you can fit 3 adults on it comfortably. The kitchen is looking awesome and is the heart of the house now.


25th September, 2017
'Summers done!'

Damn it! Summer is over...again! The dark and cold awaits and we just have to smile politely and take one for the team! I can't stand winter, it's such a rubbish season. I might have to do what old people do and head south for the winter months, the only problem, I'd lose my job, so it would only work for 1 year! The kids couldn't come with me because of school, I suppose Carol could stay here and look after them! Anyway, that ain't happening. I might have purchase something to cheer my up before we enter our 4 months of dark damp gloominess, perhaps a new bike...perhaps a Mountain Bike...


The pic across is from our walk up Corstorphin Hill yesterday.

4th September, 2017
'Tour o The Borders 2017 done!'

Yesterday was Tour o The Borders. I'm pleased with my result of under 5 hours for the 75 mile ride. This is an average speed of 15mph. Next year, I'd like to get that upto 16mph.

Click on the image across to see the relive animation of the ride.


16th August, 2017
'henry's 1st day of school'

It was Henry's 1st day of school today. He looked very smart in his uniform, albeit a bit too conformist for my liking, but we'll lose the blazer and the tie for tomorrow.

He was a bit trepidacious when we dropped him off in the classroom, but he was only in class for an hour and a half this morning, his 1st full day is on Monday. Carol said when she picked him up he was fine and that he'd made a new friend.


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