29th, November 2020

This year has melted away. I cant believe Christmas is here already, only feels like a couple of months ago I posted one of these photos. Anyhoo, we popped the tree up yesterdays, click the image across to see the now ritualistic time-lapse of it's ascension.


20th, November 2020
'School Photo'

Because of stupid covid, the School are not doing pupil photos this year. So it was up to me to get the pic. I'm pretty pleased with it, but it was a bit of a trauma getting it. Click on the image to see more.


13th, November 2020
'New Ride'

This is my new winter bike. Cost nothing from ebay and is as equally as good as my Cervelo (summer bike).


25th, September 2020
'Uh oh!'

It has begun.

Daisy and her friends have a WhatsApp group.

I’m preparing to say goodbye to my little girl and now awaiting the arrival of my teenage daughter. This morning at breakfast her phone was pinging constantly, until I turned it on to silent, then it continued to annoy with a buzz every two seconds. It’s going to be an interesting time from now until high school, which is less than two years away.


14th, August 2020
'Life 2.5'

When the kids came along, life started again. I called it life 2.0.

I've now started life 2.5

We've made a pretty big change at work, we are now working a rota where there is only 2 of us in the studio rather than 3 at any one time. It's a stroke of genius and for me means I'll get 27 hours (time the kids are at school when I'm off) a months of time to myself. This is life changing. I can hang out with Carol, ride bikes guilt free and potter about in the shed.

It is a VERY exciting time.


20th, July 2020

I'm pretty chuffed with my comet hunting. Comet Neowise is supposed to be visible with the naked eye, but it's been pretty tricky to spot. Had it arrived in the winter, it would be super bright. Once the comet leaves our solar system, it won't be seen again by humans for 7000 years.


11th, July 2020

Jesus! I keep saying this, I must keep on top of the shed's updates! The whole month of June is missing.

In my defense, we were in lock-down so not a lot was happening, now that we are heading out of LD, a lot is happening. Last week we had our 1st holiday and went to visit mum in Inverness, click on the image to view pics of the trip. We said goodbye to the wendy house, which was a little bit sad as it means that the kids are getting older and no longer wanted to play in it, also, it was rotten and was on it's last legs. And we now have a new smaller shed which now contains the wendy house contents. The resulting organisation has given us a bigger garden.

With lock-down ending and other things going on, it feels nice at the moment, there's change in the air and a sense of opportunity.


17th, May 2020
'Henry Brazil 20'

I was hoping to stay on top of the 'Henry Brazil' photo project, but somehow I missed out last year. The years the photos were taken are 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020. Looking at the images, there isn't that much of a change in the 2018 and 2020 images. Click on the image to enlarge.

Other than been stuck in this ridiculous lock-down (stupid idea to lock up healthy people if you ask me) there's not a lot going on. What I have been doing is spending a lot of time with the kids which has been brilliant. If the lock-down had never happened, I don't think I would have ever spent this much time with the children...ever! So as ridiculous as it is, the time I'm having with the family at the moment is priceless.

Oh, and we have a bumble bee hive in our loft again. I can hear them buzzing in the wall. I feel lucky they have made their home in mine again.


8th, April 2020
'Henry's Birthday'

Yeah, something to celebrate, Henry's birthday. He turned 8 and is growing up so fast he's going to be as tall as Carol in a couple of years. Click on the image across to see pics of his birthday.

It's been ages since my last post. The start of the year was awful as it was cold, rainy and windy for about 2 sold months, and after that C19 dug it's heels in and everyone knows about that. Looking forward to all this craziness being over and a bit of normality restored.


16th, February 2020
'Sunday Walk'

A few photos of our adventure to the top of Costorphine Hill. Click on the image to see.


8th, January 2020
'Getting Shed Lazy Again'

I always try and make an effort to post to the shed at least 1 a month, even if the post are dead boring and nothings happened. But I'm getting a bit lazy about it. I love going back I've the shed posts, it's now essentially a diary for me. I have a million photos to sort out from the Christmas holidays, so I will post again with an upload of pics soon...I promise.


2nd December, 2019
'Tree is back up'

Christmas is here again. We put the tree up yesterday along with the obligatory time lapse film, click on the image to watch.

The kids are super excited about Christmas. Carol came up with an ingenious idea, instead of getting them both an advent calendar, which costs millions of pounds, she used the cash to buy the kids a small gift each which she individually wrapped and labeled, calendar style, for the run up to Christmas. It's great idea...saying that, Daisy didn't like her gift this morning which caused a huge ruckus. It also means that the kids will have to go through 'presents unwrapping' cold turkey come the 26th of December. When we were that age, we got food, water and air, so they've got it pretty good.


17th October, 2019
'Getting Bigger'

I took this photo of Henry a couple of days ago and I was surprised to see how big Henry looks. He's going to be a giant when he's older.


7th October, 2019
'Cyclocross Race'

Did my 1st cyclocross race at the weekend. Talk about baptism of fire. I had the wrong tyres on so slid all over the place. Thankfully one of my team mates had a spare bike with tyres suited to the mud and gave me a loan. It made all the difference. I was 6th last, which is great as I was aiming not to be last, to be honest, I would have been happy with just 1 lap completed. I've signed up for the next race in November, so hopefully I won't finish that far down in the field, perhaps even try and get some points.


4th October, 2019

Wow, it's been 2 months since my last post. Life has been sooo busy. It's been work during the day, football coaching at nights and weekends and cycling with whats left. Here's whats been happening:

Henry has been picked for the Spartans development squad. This is essentially a nod to how good he is at football and I'm so proud of him.

Daisy went away on her first Brownie camp for a weekend. It's was really weird her not being around. She said she didn't like it as they were strict and told them to 'make their beds every morning'. Daisy's football is coming along great too and there are a few games being organised against other school to be played soon.

Carol has been crazy busy with the PSA and fund raising. She's just finished organising the Eco Fair and is now setting her sights on the Winter Fair. I've got my 1st competitive race on Sunday. It's cycle-cross (see pick across) so it's going to painful as I've an injured shoulder (long story), which could take years to fix, so I'm going to sit at the back of the group and see what happens. To make matters worse, today and tomorrow I have 2 full days of football coach training.

After this weekend things settle down for winter, so will try and keep on top of the posts.


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