2nd February, 2018
'Blackhall Sports Fun Day'

Today we went along to the Blackhall Sports Association fund raiser.

Click on the image across to see photos and listen to audio from the day.

So far so good with my 52 week project. You can see how I'm getting on here.


7th January, 2018
'Eh, Holiday?'

Wow, those last couple of week flew by, must have been the quickest holiday I've ever had. We were pretty busy with Xmas, Daisy's birthday, trip to Inverness and we had a proper, and I mean a proper spring clean in the house.

Click on the image across to see photos from Daisy's birthday. There are also photos from our trip to Inverness here.

The only new years resolution for me this year is to try an take a portrait photo of someone every week for a year. I've almost already failed. See how I get on here.


26th December, 2017
'Xmas Day Done'

Another super Christmas done. Next stop, Daisy's birthday on Thursday.

Click on the image across to see photos from Xmas day. Also click here to see a few photos from boxing day, we got our first snow of the year today. It was proper Scottish snow, slush.


14th December, 2017
'Xmas Story'

Got a spare 10 minutes? then listen to this years Christmas story starring the Walker-Lyons.


6th December, 2017
'Xmas Tree'

Yea, it's Christmas and again we time-lapsed the tree build and decorations. Click the image across to see.


28th November, 2017

Henry needed a new photo taken so that someone who doesn't know him can track his movements. It turned into a bit of fun photo session. Click on the image across to see.


31st October, 2017

The pumpkin is carved are we are stocked up on sweets, which means it's Halloween. A night that supposed to be scary, but the only thing that will frighten me are the rubbish jokes and the pain of my fake smile - 'ha ha ha, 1st time I've heard that' I say as I lie to the wide eyed children waiting for there small packets of future heart disease. I try not to be miserable, but Halloween involves meeting other people within an institution that I'm not interested in, so what do I say? 'Thats a nice costume' or 'Ooo, you look frightening' - these statements are obvious, why do I need to say them? Perhaps alcohol might make things interesting, but I imagine a drunk dad staggering from house to house with a bunch of kids looks for sweets would make the morning news.

Anyhoo, (gritted teeth) happy Halloween...


26th October, 2017

I've helped the kids set up a YouTube gaming channel, which means they play video games and stream it online. Sounds boring I know, but their heroes are on YouTube doing the same and they are fascinated by it. Click on the image across to visit the "Here Munn' YouTube channel.


15th October, 2017
'New Table'

Our new table arrived this week. It's solid oak, which means it was very expensive and we can't put anything on it. It's a waiting game for the first dent, scratch or cup stain to appear. Apart from being non-functional, it looks amazing and I have to say, Carols idea of the bench in a good one as you can fit 3 adults on it comfortably. The kitchen is looking awesome and is the heart of the house now.


25th September, 2017
'Summers done!'

Damn it! Summer is over...again! The dark and cold awaits and we just have to smile politely and take one for the team! I can't stand winter, it's such a rubbish season. I might have to do what old people do and head south for the winter months, the only problem, I'd lose my job, so it would only work for 1 year! The kids couldn't come with me because of school, I suppose Carol could stay here and look after them! Anyway, that ain't happening. I might have purchase something to cheer my up before we enter our 4 months of dark damp gloominess, perhaps a new bike...perhaps a Mountain Bike...


The pic across is from our walk up Corstorphin Hill yesterday.

4th September, 2017
'Tour o The Borders 2017 done!'

Yesterday was Tour o The Borders. I'm pleased with my result of under 5 hours for the 75 mile ride. This is an average speed of 15mph. Next year, I'd like to get that upto 16mph.

Click on the image across to see the relive animation of the ride.


16th August, 2017
'henry's 1st day of school'

It was Henry's 1st day of school today. He looked very smart in his uniform, albeit a bit too conformist for my liking, but we'll lose the blazer and the tie for tomorrow.

He was a bit trepidacious when we dropped him off in the classroom, but he was only in class for an hour and a half this morning, his 1st full day is on Monday. Carol said when she picked him up he was fine and that he'd made a new friend.


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